Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Address Millennials

bernie sandersSenator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton spoke to millennial voters on the ‘Millennial For Hillary’ conference call Saturday afternoon.

Senator Sanders began his portion of the call by reinforcing the importance of participating in the democratic process and having a voice in the upcoming election because he believes that this election will not only impact the next four years but will also set the direction that the country is heading.

“Change never takes place from the top down,” said Senator Sanders. “Any important change in American history takes place from the bottom on up.”

Senator Sanders also spoke about the upcoming election and why Hillary Clinton’s views are, in his opinion, superior to those of her opponent, Donald J. Trump. He took time to discuss three key issues: overturning Citizens United, addressing climate change and working towards a more inclusive society.

“In our country, as all of you know, we have struggled for hundreds of years with racism, with sexism, and discrimination of all forms,” said Senator Sanders, “It is hard to believe in the year 2016 there is a candidate for a major political party, Mr. Trump, who has made the cornerstone of his campaign trying to divide us up and running a campaign based on bigotry. We do not need a president who will divide us up, we need a president who will bring us together and that is certainly what Secretary Clinton intends to do.”

Secretary Clinton began her portion of the call by thanking people who have been campaigning on her behalf. She said that she is grateful for the support she has received along the campaign trail from volunteers, especially young people who she said will ultimately end up decide the election on Tuesday.

“I am inspired by the young people in our country, you really are the most inclusive, progressive, entrepreneurial, generation ever and I think you’re changing the world one idea, one project, one cause at a time,” said Secretary Clinton, “It’s no surprise that more young people are registered to vote in this election than ever before.”

Secretary Clinton also talked about some of the things that she plans to do as president, including her initiative with Senator Sanders to make college more affordable for students in America. She also addressed the need for ‘tackling systemic racism’ in the criminal justice system by creating a system that sets young people up for future careers.

“He [Trump] really does want to discourage young people from coming out to vote,” Secretary Clinton said, “His campaign is totally open about it and we can’t let them succeed. We need a huge, huge turnout.”

Secretary Clinton concluded her time on the call talking about her vision of America and why she proposes a plan of hope and inclusiveness as opposed to Donald Trump’s vision of America that she called ‘divisive.’

“I am excited about this campaign and I am even more excited about what we can do when we win but I can’t do any of the things that I have laid out if we don’t win,” Secretary Clinton said, “Together, on November 8th, let’s prove once and for all that love trumps hate.”

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