Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry Rally Support at GOTV Concert

Hillary Clinton visited at the Mann Center in Philadelphia for the Get Out to Vote concert with Katy Perry on Saturday night. Clinton was joined by thousands of supporters and she was encouraging each one of them to get out and exercise their right to vote on Tuesday, November 8th.

Clinton was joined by 8 guests in addition to Katy Perry. United States Senators Bob Casey and Cory Booker, Congressman Bob Brady, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Congressional Candidate Dwight Evans, and candidate for United States Senate Katie McGinty were all in attendance. Booker got the crowd excited when talking about how their votes will count for more than they think.

“When you go in and vote and pull her name,” says Booker, “You are not just voting for Secretary Hillary Clinton, you are voting for our children, public education, our seniors, the disabled, and America.”

Television producer, writer and author Shonda Rhimes, and actress Debra Messing also joined in last night to support Clinton at one of her last campaign stops before the election.

Perry performed her hit songs, “Roar,” “Dark Horse,” “Wide Awake,” “Part of Me,” and “Firework.” She related to the crowd by sharing that she is a normal person just trying to use her voice, and she is using it to campaign for Clinton.

“Sometimes I get tweets back saying ‘Oh you should just stick to singing or being a pop star,’ but I am using my voice because I am just like you,” said Perry.

Clinton will be back in Philadelphia Monday night for her last campaign stop before the election. She will be joined by President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, President Clinton, and her daughter Chelsea Clinton. Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi are set to perform on Independence Mall.

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