Bike Temple Provides Bike Safety Tips

Biking around Temple University and the rest of the Philadelphia area can be tricky and frustrating at times as a cyclist. Tal Eldering, Bike Temple‘s Coordinator, took time out of his day to offer up some advice on how to be a safe biker.

First and foremost, it is always important wear a helmet, even if it looks a bit dorky. A safe head is a happy head.

Tal also mentioned to use bike lights at night, that way it is easier for other pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles to see.

Having a nice meal before heading out provides energy, and keeps the mind from becoming clouded.

Tal said that a quick ABC check–air, breaks, and chain–is key to preventing most accidents that may happen on the biker’s part.

If by chance a biker are injured while riding, it is important to check the status of everyone involved. Next, if applicable, obtain insurance and contact information, and call the police.

Make sure to visit for upcoming bike related events & programs, bike shops around the area, and a printable bike lane map.

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