Black History Day of Celebration

What’s a better way to celebrate Black History Month than the celebration and exploration of African Americans? 

The Franklin Institute hosted its annual Black History Month Day of Celebration on Saturday, Feb 11. Visitors of all ages and races attended to celebrate African Americans in science and to explore local Black organizations in Philadelphia. 

Visitors engaged in different activities during their visit. The Dox Thrash House Project, an organization aimed to promote the legacies of Dox Thrash, offered a button and stamp making activity. 

Alfred Gary said this was not his first time at the Black History Month Day of Celebration. He said he loves it because it shows the visibility of African Americans in science, especially since his son Wyatt, wants to be an engineer.  

“He’s six, so I’m sure it will change, but I just think it’s important to have positive role models.” Said Gary. 

Other organizations included FarmerJawn, Positive Movement and the Kulu Mele African Dance & Drum Ensemble.

Meaning “The Voice of Our Ancestors” the Kulu Mele has been preserving the African cultures in Philadelphia for more than 50 years.  

“We specialize in African dance, Afro-Cuban dance and Hip-Hop dances,” said Artistic Director Dorothy Wilkie. “We’ve been to Africa several times and we’ve studied traditional African dance.” said Wilkie. 

The Kulu Mele hopes that they can keep their culture alive with the study and exploration of the African dances, especially in Philadelphia. 

“We study and present it to the people to let them see their culture.” said Wilkie. 

The Black History Month Day of Celebration is the stage where these local organizations can receive recognition and amplify their voices.

“Everyone belongs in a museum,” said Experiences Producer and Talent Manager Adam Piazza. “Whether they’re small organizations or bands, [The Franklin Institute] becomes another place to promote who they are.” 

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