Ritter Community Fridge Relocated

The removal of the prized Ritter Hall Possession has a whole community of students in an uproar. 

Members of Ritter Hall Community Pantry are seeing a glimmer of hope on the horizon following the removal of their fridge from Ritter Annex.  

Co-creator of Ritter Community Pantry, Maanvi Nagireddy gives an insight into what is to come for Ritter pantry.  

“I was able to talk to Temple Administration and Cherry Pantry and come to an agreement, and they are willing to help us get another fridge from the social services annex, so things are looking up,” says Nagireddy.  

This agreement comes after university officials sent an email to Ritter Community Fridge leadership, stating the fridge would be moved to Cherry Pantry.  

The fridge was removed because the Cherry Pantry recently discovered they had the means to sustain a fridge, a long-term goal of theirs.  

The leadership of the community fridge, Temple Administration, and Cherry Pantry have agreed to find a fridge to replace the one that was moved.  

Sophomore Ty Fowler states that the fridge was highly popular among their peers. “I would try to go on Fridays when they had the produce event, but they would be out every single time.” 

A co-creator of the Ritter Community pantry, Olivia Weaver, claims the removal of the fridge had a deep impact on the members of the community, including the Ritter staff.  

“We formed a really good connection with some of the custodially staff here at Ritter,” says Weaver.  

The Cherry Pantry supervisor, Annette Ditolvo, told us, “Many students expressed their excitement for the opportunity to pick up perishable items. The number of students reached out and the comments they shared showed how valuable it is to have refrigeration.” 

Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Stephanie Ives, told Temple Update that, “Our goal, as always, is to ensure the any student who needs it has reliable access to food.”  

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