Boathouse Row Renovation

Philadelphia may not be as bright as it once was as Boathouse row is undergoing some renovations. The lights have been experiencing outages due to ongoing maintenance issues and this new upgrade will redo the entire system. The lights have been switched off and taken down for a 2.1 million dollar replacement project.

James Cepis, a Temple senior and boating launch captain explains that this renovation goes beyond making the place look nice. “Currently we’re dredging the Schuylkill River. It hasn’t been dredged in about ten years”. Cepis says the water levels have actually lowered because of how much dirt and debris has accumulated.

While the renovations are necessary, many are going to miss the lights as they drive down the Schuylkill. “I’m definitely going to miss boathouse row. It’s just a unique part of Philly. Plans for the new lights should be ready to go by the winter holiday season.

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