Bob Perkin’s Official Retirement

Bob Perkins spent 58 years doing what he loves and spent 25 of those years here in Philly at the WRTI where he hosted Jazz music programs. His last Jazz Brunch Show was this past Sunday, April 2nd, where she said his final goodbye to all jazz music lovers and fans.

I had the opportunity to explore the very studio Bob Perkins worked in and ask his co-workers their thoughts on BP’s retirement.

Bill Johnson, General Manager at WRTI says he will miss Bob Perkins getting involved in the community, BP would attend the Wine & Jazz festival and many people came over to WRTI’s tent just to talk to Bob Perkins. “It’s amazing to see how many people are excited to meet Bob. They’re just standing in a line, they want to take photos with him, they want to talk to him, they want to touch him, he’s like royalty.”

Bob Perkins’s retirement does not come as any surprise as a year ago he decided to stop going on air five nights a week and transitioned into one day a week Sunday Jazz Brunch Shows. His co-workers are beyond honored to have worked with him all of these years and describe him in the grandest way.

“Regal is definitely one of those words and it’s not because he thinks of himself that way but it’s because he carries himself that way.” Even though Bob Perkins is officially off the air, his legacy in the Jazz world will live on forever.

Even though Bob Perkins is officially retired from the radio station, he is hosting a podcast even after his retirement. It looks like hanging up the mic is not in BP’s plans any time soon!

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