Breakdancing and Brotherhood with Temple’s B-Boys

Familiar with such hip-hop and breakdancing shows as, So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew, the student body has yet to meet the Temple B-Boys, the newest dance crew on campus. The B-Boys, though hailing from diverse backgrounds and majors, they came together over a shared love of transforming muscle and flex to push the limits on the dance floor.

“Temple B-Boys started in 2010, originally started by a few of the alumni that come to practice now. They would go and show up to random places on campus and get kicked out immediately. So, they finally organized, got about ten people together and they organized to find Temple B-Boys and reserve locations that are prime for break dancers” said B-Boys Vice President, senior Danny Mendoza.

Temple B-Boys bust a moveAlthough the B-Boys dance for enjoyment, it has also become a way of expressing themselves and their personal emotions. “When I dance, it’s like, it releases the stress and it makes me feel, like, free to create” said B-Boys member, senior Johnathan Gene.

The B-Boys practice their routines three to five a week, forming a bond that extends beyond the dance floor’s limitations. They will showcase this bond April 5th at 6 p.m. in the Student Center Underground at the Vietnamese Student Association Showcase. You can follow these break dancers on Facebook and Instagram at TEMPLEBBOYS.  

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