BREAKING: Unite TU To Appoint Andrea Yeakel as New VP of External Affairs

Last night, former Vice President of External Affairs for Unite TU, Adrienne J. Hines announced the withdraw of her candidacy.

Adrienne Hines, Vice Presidential candidate for Unite TU, has announced her departure from the campaign.

In an exclusive interview with Temple Update, Unite TU campaign manager, Noah Goff, stated that Adrienne had given no prior warning of her intent to resign. Goff said that Hines sent the group one text message in their group detailing her resignation, removed herself from the group chat, and then 20 minutes later, The Tab Temple released their article.

Goff stated: “We were really shocked by what Adrienne had to say. She had never raised any of the issues to us, and we are really sorry if she felt like her voice wasn’t being heard in the group. We just wish that she would have came to us first, because we would have rectified that situation immediately. Adrienne truly was a valued and respected member of our team. It was really shocking to see this last night.”

Andrea Yeakel (pictured) will replace Adrienne Hines, effective immediately.

Andrea Yeakel, Unite TU’s former Director of Communications, will be replacing Hines in the position of Vice President of External Affairs.

“Andi was a clear choice,” Goff stated. “She’s been instrumental in our social media campaigns, and in making sure that we know exactly who we are and how we represent who we are.”

Goff mentioned that Andi’s involvement at Temple, outside of Unite TU makes her very qualified for the role. Andi currently serves on the Executive Board of her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, she has worked extensively with the Office of Orientation, and served as an Owl Team Leader.

“She’s been a big voice on campus and we feel she has a lot to bring to the team both in terms of her perspective, and in terms of her intellect, her skills, and her experiences,” Goff added.

Unite TU released this statement regarding Hines’ resignation this morning on Twitter:

It saddens us to announce that Adrienne J. Hines has withdrawn her candidacy as Vice President of External Affairs on the Unite TU ticket. All of Unite TU regrets to see such an invaluable member of our team resign, however, we believe in Adrienne’s intellect, abilities, and
passion and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Presidential Candidate Danny Borine asked Adrienne to be his running mate because they shared common goals for this university and he believed in her vision. Her long-standing, close personal ties with Danny began when they attended the Julia R. Masterman School together. The friendship that they developed, as well as her accomplishments, made Adrienne his first choice in forming this ticket.

We truly want to unite the student body, and Adrienne was a clear choice to make that goal a reality. Danny sincerely believed that they could have a strong working relationship and that her voice was invaluable in achieving the campaign’s mission of uniting Temple University. She was Noah and Danny’s first choice in creating this ticket and the first person to sign on.

The first meeting she attended was a platform editing session in which points were still being added, debated, and changed. We sincerely apologize if Adrienne felt discouraged from speaking up or being included in discussions regarding our platform and what we hope to achieve if elected. The Unite TU team is shocked by this statement. Our team believes in open, honest communication between all members. We sincerely wish that she had shared her concerns before deciding to withdraw so that we could have fostered an open dialogue.

We do not take Adrienne’s statement lightly. We plan to do everything in our power to reassure the Temple student body of our values and beliefs. We stand by all of our previous statements and truly wish to work towards the unity of the student body. Our mission statement explicitly states, “The goal of our campaign is to create an inclusive, open environment that encourages all students to be active and participate in their school community.” Our entire team
wholeheartedly stands behind this mission and will continue to Unite TU together.

For more information, please contact Noah Goff, Unite TU’s Campaign Manager:

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