Broad Street Line lights up the TPAC

Temple University’s premier male a capella group “Broad Street Line” performed their ten year anniversary concert in the Temple Performing Arts Center for the first time. The performance consisted of all three generations of the group since it’s founding in 2003 with a set list that featured hit singles by Coldplay, Cobra Starship, and Montell Jordan.

The guys of BSL allowed us to get a sneak peak at their rehearsal last week in preparation for their big show.  We were able to catch up with long time member Denzell Ivey, after the concert.

“So we listen to you and we’re like this guy seems like he can sing, he knows what his voice does and. he knows he can do something with it, so we wanna know if we can do something with it,” said Ivey. “Throughout the audition process we made that decision. We’re willing to spend that time, no matter how much time is necessary to get this guy blending and really come together with BSL, and I think we accomplished that in this last concert, seriously.”

They certainly did achieve that last weekend. The concert was fantastic with set first, second, and current generations of BSL. TPAC was filled with a huge crowd that gave the fellas a standing ovation as they were walking off the stage. The Broad Street Line intends on trying to have more of their concerts in the TPAC in the future saying, “In Rock Hall, we had to bring in more chairs.”

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