Report from London: Students head home

Robert Monroe and Mariana Zimmerman have been reporting from London for Temple Update all semester. For their final report, they asked fellow Temple-in-London students about their experience and what they will miss the most.

Communications Studies major Jennifer Hutz says she’ll miss interacting with Londoners: “It was really unique to be able to discover the differences between our cultures, even though we both speak the same language.” She says she’ll also miss the ease of traveling to other countries.

Journalism major Sunil Chopade also mentioned transportation – the double-decker buses. She also said she’ll miss “the general atmosphere of being here in a new place.”

Tara Levine, a Strategic Communications major will miss British children, her favorite sushi restaurant (Wasabi), and the “Tube:” “I’m going to miss the efficiency of the Tube, even when it’s down it’s still better than the Philly subway.” And Tara wholeheartedly endorsed the London experience, saying, “If anyone has the chance to study abroad, London is the perfect place to go.”

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