Brook J. Lenfest Establishes a New $4 Million Dollar Temple Scholarship

Philadelphia philanthropist and charter school donor Brook J. Lenfest is now set to donate $4 million dollars to Temple in order to establish a new scholarship to fund charter students.

The scholarship, named after Lenfest, will be used to create a financial support base for students from Philadelphia’s Mastery charter schools. Mastery charter is one of the largest charter programs in Philadelphia, with Lenfest being one of the group’s primary donors.

The scholarship will also be extended to members of the Philadelphia Futures Program, a non-profit group assisting students from low-income families, or students that are first generation college attendees.

Student’s will be eligible for six scholarships at the start of the program, all of which will be able to be renewed annually.

Speaking in response to the endowment, President Englert stated that “Brook’s philanthropy continues to open doors for opportunity, and we are excited to welcome our first cohort of endowed Brook Lenfest Scholars.”

Brook has previously involved himself in Temple’s scholarships through a previous scholarship with Mastery and PFP.

Lenfest stated that “We hope that, with the additional support from Temple, the incoming scholars will do even better”

Lenfest also praised Temple for being an affordable, local university providing a path to higher education.

The Brook Lenfest scholarship will be available in the coming fall 2018 semester.


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