Burleigh Murder Trial: Hupperterz Roommate Testifies


“I honestly don’t even know what to expect from this kid at this point.” That’s what Joshua Hupperterz’ roommate texted to a friend after being contacted by Temple Police.


Jack Miley, 24, testified in court Thursday he had been friends with Hupperterz for several years but only lived with him in North Philadelphia for about a month.


Miley took the stand just two days after Hupperterz’ attorneys claim that Miley was the one that ended Jenna Burleigh’s life the night of August 31st, not Hupperterz.


Miley says that the night he and his roommate went out to the bar was just a “typical night of drinking and trying to pick up some girls.” Miley said he and Hupperterz’ went to Maxi’s on campus and then left to go to Pub Webb after not being able to get into the Draught Horse.


Miley recalled passing out once he got home from Pub Webb after having roughly 12-15 beers along with 6 shots and 1 mg of Xanax. Investigators say Miley is seen on surveillance video from Pub Webb, leaving the bar around 1 am on August 31st. Miley says he woke up around 1 pm later that day.


Miley said he remembered waking up to find Hupperterz cleaning up blood from the floor. Miley also said that he noticed Hupperterz had scratches on his neck and deep cuts on his hands.


“His hand looked like he got stabbed.”


When Miley said he asked Hupperterz what had happened, Hupperterz told him he woke up in a “pricker bush” that morning after a night of heavy drinking. Miley said Hupperterz proceeded to tell him that he planned to go to Urgent Care later that day for his wounds. Miley said he didn’t think anything of it and even told some of his friends about Hupperterz’ injuries.


Two days later, Miley said he woke up at his aunt’s house on Long Island to a call from Temple Police Detective Edward Woltemate. Miley’s trip to New York was previously planned earlier in the week.


Captain Woltemate informed Miley that his roommate, Joshua Hupperterz, was the last person to be seen with Jenna Burleigh at Pub Webb. Captain Woltemate asked Miley if he would be able to get in touch with Hupperterz to have him contact law enforcement.


Miley said he called Hupperterz several times before Hupperterz answered. “He said that he was in North Carolina and that he had cut his hand on a blue cereal bowl,” Miley said to the court.


Miley’s testimony is expected to continue Friday morning.


There was much talk Wednesday about a blue plastic bin or tote tub that prosecutors believe Joshua Hupperterz used to stuff Temple University student Jenna Burleigh’s body in after he allegedly murdered her.


Prosecutors called to the stand a Lyft driver who drove Joshua Hupperterz to his grandmother’s residence in Lakeville, Pennsylvania. The Lyft driver alleges that Hupperterz instructed him that if he turned off the Lyft app and drove to a different destination, Hupperterz would give him $200 in cash.


The Lyft driver stated Hupperterz instructed him to go to a house in Jenkintown, so he could pick some things up. Upon arrival in Jenkintown, he says that Hupperterz went into the garage of the house and came out with an elderly man carrying a blue tote and placed it in the back of his hatchback.


Hupperterz proceeded to get back into the car and instructed the driver to drive to another address, this time in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The address they drove to was Hupperterz’ grandmother’s house. The driver went on to state that once they arrived at their destination, he helped Hupperterz carry the blue tote out of the car.


The driver noticed that the tote was extremely heavy and jokingly asked “what do you have in here, bricks?” Hupperterz reportedly said that inside of the tote were a bunch of books.


Prosecutors believe that Hupperterz went to his grandmother’s residence to allegedly hide Jenna Burleigh’s body.


On the opening day of the trial, Joshua Hupperterz’ defense attorney, David Nenner, says that his client is now blaming his roommate in the death of Jenna Burleigh.




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