Day 4 Testimony in Hupperterz Trial

“I had nothing to do with it, nothing at all.” Those were the words of Jack Miley when asked by Joshua Hupperterz’ attorney in court Friday as to whether or not he [Miley] killed 22-year-old Jenna Burleigh.


While being cross-examined by Hupperterz attorney, Miley said that the days following August 30th, 2017 were just “normal” days to him and that he doesn’t recall much.


The night of Jenna Burleigh’s disappearance, Miley is shown on video recording leaving Pub Webb on August 31st sometime around 1 a.m. without his roommate, Joshua Hupperterz. Hupperterz remained at the bar for some time. Miley testified he recalls leaving the bar, going to 7/11 to buy cigarettes, then heading home and falling asleep.


Miley stated in his testimony on Thursday that at Pub Webb he had roughly 12-15 beers, 6 shots, took hit of a marijuana vaporizer pen, and 1 mg of Xanax on August 30th.


Miley claims that he had never met Jenna Burleigh.


Miley went on to state that he is an extremely heavy sleeper when he is both sober or intoxicated. Miley claimed that his sleeping habits, as well as the combination of drugs and alcohol, prevented him from hearing any cries for help.


Hupperterz’ defense attorney claims that it was Miley, not Hupperterz that killed 22-year-old Temple University student Jenna Burleigh in August of 2017.


The defense pulled up pages of phone records that indicated that Miley and Hupperterz were in contact with one another the morning of August 31st as well as that same afternoon.


Also taking the stand Friday was a corporal from the Pennsylvania State Police. Corporal Benjamin Clark says he received a call from his lieutenant on September 1st, 2017, saying that law enforcement agencies based in Philadelphia were looking for a missing college student. According to the report, that student, Jenna Burleigh, was last seen at a bar with a male believed to be Joshua Hupperterz who had an address listed in Wayne County.


After Cpl. Clark arrived at the residence, he said he asked Hupperterz to come with him to the State Police barracks in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.


Hupperterz was at the barracks for roughly three hours of interrogation before being picked up by Philadelphia Police detectives.


When Cpl. Clark asked Hupperterz about the scratches on his neck, he says Hupperterz stated that the scratches were from a sexual encounter earlier in the week with a girl named Vicky. Cpl. Clark went on to testify that Hupperterz did have a contact in his cell phone labeled “Vicky Booty.”

















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