Campus Eating Options

Temple students have plenty of options when it comes to food. With tons of options through a meal plan, as well as food trucks and off campus eating establishments, students are sure to find what they need.

When it comes to meal plans there are two categories, weekly and semester-long. The weekly meal plans this year are offered in 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15. Students can choose between a basic meal plan or a premium meal plan. The basic plan only allows students to use their plan once per meal period, whereas the premium plan gives students more flexibility to swipe whenever.

The premium meal passes, or semester meal plans, are offered in 45, 75 and 100. These can be used whenever, at any meal period, throughout the entire semester. According to Unit Marketing Manager at Sodexo Campus Services, Stephanie D’Achillo, the meal passes are increasingly popular for upper classman as well as commuter students.

This option is especially good for students who want to try some of the off campus eating options such as food trucks, the food huts, Chipotle, Qdoba and PotBelly. When it comes to which is a better deal, off campus eating or the meal plan, it seems students are divided. One lunch on a meal plan allows students to spend up to $8.15 with one meal swipe. At the student activities center, this $8.15 gets you 1 chicken burrito and a regular sized drink. The same meal at Chipotle costs around $8.60, but if you go to the Wingo Taco truck on 13th and Norris, it will only cost you $6.50 for the Mexican style burrito and a soda.

For more information on all of your meal plan options, go to or for a list of eateries that take meal plans visit:

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