NPHC Pulls Out Of Greek Week After Racial Slur


Controversy erupted during a major Greek week event.

 The National Pan-Hellenic Council claims a Temple sorority member used a racial slur during Greek Weeks activities.

During the Greek Sing event on Wednesday night, the “Divine Nine” of the NPHC accused a top Delta Zeta sorority member of using an offensive racial slur during the Greek Olympics on Saturday.

Temple Update talked to members of NPHC on how the situation is being handled.

According to members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, a main reason for this uproar is a general lack of knowledge.

The Greek organization came together on stage on Wednesday night bringing attention to what they believe has become a “divided Greek Week.”

They say that they are offended that a leader from the Delta Zeta sorority allegedly used a racial slur to call her team over during the Greek Olympics.

Julia Crusor, a member of Delta Sigma Theta, read a statement about the incident at Greek Sing with her fellow NPHC members standing in support behind her. The Temple Greeks in the audience erupted into cheers.

The members – dressed in all black – then walked out of the event.

Inelle Ray, a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority said of the reaction from the crowd, “I guess comforting to know that other people care; they necessarily are not black, but more so can resonate with the cause and realize that it is a problem and they’re willing to support our efforts.”

The Greek Sing event continued, but some Temple Greek organization tweeted their support of the NPHC’s decision.

But some members of Greek life say that the noise is not enough.

“It won’t matter unless action is going to be taken afterward,” Brianna Addison, a member of Delta Sigma Theta said.

The national chapter of the Delta Zeta released a statement early on Thursday.

Delta Zeta issued a statement saying:

Delta Zeta Sorority, on behalf of the Delta Tau Chapter at Temple University, regrets the individual actions taken by one of our members. We are appalled that this situation occurred because these actions are inconsistent with our values upon which we were founded and strive to uphold every day.  Upon learning of the situation, we immediately addressed it with our one member in accordance with our standards procedures.  Every day, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all of our members, and deeply value the diversity of the Temple Greek community. We look forward to working in partnership with the entire Temple University Greek Association to build stronger unity and understanding, and continuing to serve as a positive, contributing member of the Greek community at Temple.
Statement from Temple University:

Last Saturday, an officer of a Temple sorority used a racial slur during a Greek Week event on campus. The language used is unacceptable. We understand that the language was harmful and/or hurtful to the Temple students.

Temple has addressed the issue with the Greek organization, which has taken strong action against the individual.

Temple is conducting an inquiry into the incident. The university is also using this incident as an opportunity to discuss our expectations for student behavior with the members of the Greek community.

Temple’s Student Government has also commented about the incident, with the following statement:

To the Temple Community,

During a Greek Week event on Saturday, April 11th, an incident was reported involving a student using a racial slur. After meeting with the appropriate individuals in Student Affairs and the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Leadership, Temple Student Government is supporting administrative staff in properly executing the steps needed to resolve this situation. First and foremost, TSG wishes to make sure that if any student experiences racial discrimination on campus to please contact Temple Police immediately at 215-204-1234 or report the incident to Student Conduct. Temple Student Government can serve as an active facilitator in both processes.

Temple Student Government is making every effort to unite our many communities, including Greek Life. As an administration, we will strive to celebrate diversity in a way that creates unity, echoing the TUnity statement that we pledged as a university. We have taken steps to communicate with all parties involved, including the Greek Councils, Temple University Greek Association, and Temple Administration. TSG will continue to partner with university leadership to evaluate and execute meaningful action.

As the incoming Temple Student Government leadership, we do not condone this incident nor any use of racial slurs or intolerance. We now call on our fellow Temple students to embrace the diversity that this university offers, abide by the Student Code of Conduct, and live by the TUnity statement. If you are in need of support, please know that our door is open. We will make sure that your needs are accounted for and addressed, personally.


Ryan Rinaldi

Student Body President

Brittany Boston

Vice President of Services

Binh Nguyen

Vice President of External Affairs


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