Campus Recreation’s “Net Night”

Austin Massey, a senior, unwinds after each school week by attending Campus Recreation’s “Net Night”.

“I like coming to Net Night it’s just a way to unwind from classes after a long week. Just a great place to meet people, play some volleyball, stay in shape,” he said.

Net Night gives students the opportunity to practice volleyball and badminton. Some students use this time to connect with others.

“The main reason we come here is because we’re on an intramural volleyball team, so time to get some practice in. Also, we enjoy playing with friends, meeting new people, and it’s something to do on a Friday night,” said Dhruv Vajipayajula, senior neuroscience major.

Jahela Douglas, a sophomore, works for Campus Recreation during their weekly “Net Nights”.

“You come out, play volleyball, play badminton. It’s super fun,” she said. Net Nights are held at Pearson and McGonigle 3rd Floor Rec Courts every Friday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

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