Car Break-Ins and Safety on Campus

Automobile thefts and car vandalism have increased in the city of Philadelphia. Several cars around campus have been broken into or reported stolen this year.   

Julia Kessler: “My Hyundai was actually stolen right here on Montgomery St., just blocks away from campus.  

The Philadelphia district attorney’s office reported 8,074 auto thefts in 2022. This year, that number has risen to 18,455, a significant jump in comparison to last year.  This has been an ongoing issue in North Philadelphia and a concern to temple students.  

Vi Tran (freshman): “Sometimes when I park in those empty spaces I kinda get scared. but I don’t really know what else to do.”  

Brandon Smith (junior): “always cautious about leaving valuables out” 

Jennifer Griffin, the Vice President of Safety at Temple, explains how students can prevent their cars from becoming a target.  

VP Jennifer Griffin: “Park in a well lit area, also make sure the vehicle is always locked, windows are up and the biggest piece is clean it out. If you clean it out and there isn’t anything visible, you’re less likely that somebody is gonna break into the car and bust your window to try and get in and take something.”   

We also spoke to officer Leroy Wimberly from the Temple University Department of Public Safety, who explained where students can get a hold of a free steering wheel lock for their car.  

Leroy Wimberly: “1101 Montgomery Avenue Temple University Department of Public Safety’s headquarters. they can come here 24/7 and receive one.”  

To receive a free wheel lock, bring proof of vehicle ownership, ID, and student ID.  Free wheel locks will be given to Kia and Hyundai owners only. 

If you can’t get your hands on a free wheel lock, make sure to invest in one in order to prevent your car from being stolen and always keep valuables out of sight.  

Reporting for Temple Update, I’m Julia Kessler.  

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