Street Moves

From the Philadelphia School District to Temple University, Ernest Moore has taught anyone with an interest in learning. Mr. Moore has been providing chess lessons to the Philadelphia community since the 1960s. He is a self-taught chess expert who believes that understanding the game will help in all aspects of life.

“You have to think. A lot of people today won’t think,” said Moore.

For over forty years and counting, Mr. Moore continues to set up his table on the sidewalk, and wait until someone approaches him with an urge to play and learn. Mr. Moore’s goal is not necessarily to defeat his opponent. He believes it is far more beneficial that the challenger leaves the table with some new knowledge about the game.

Moore hopes that America will one day adopt the cultural appreciation for chess that other countries like Russia exhibit. He believes that if people were to apply the analytical skills that are learned in chess to all life challenges, it would lay the ground work for a more productive country.

Moore has taught in the Philadelphia public school system and also at Temple University. Currently he is only playing a few feet off his stoop, but he plans on teaching kids from Temple and throughout the neighborhood for the rest of his life.


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