Wachman Hall Gets A Facelift

Construction seems to be the new norm here at Temple, as many of the school buildings are getting remodeled. Wachman Hall is the next building to get an upgrade.

The renovations to Wachman will begin in just a few short weeks and are expected to cost up to $11.5 million.

The upgrade will include both interior and exterior changes such as new classrooms, staircases, windows, and a new walkway and garden lining main Wachman’s entrance.

Vice President Of Campus Planning and Design, Margaret Carney states “it is very important that the buildings reflect who we are and Temple’s moving forward in terms of research and technology.”

Wachman Hall’s renovations expect to be completed by August of 2015 before the start of the semester.

For more information about Wachman Hall, visit Temple’s Science and Technology website.

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