Citizens Bank Park Workers Prepare for Red October

Red October has returned to Citizens Bank for the second consecutive season, and the team working behind the scenes is gearing up for some exciting home games at the Park.

The Philadelphia Phillies finished the regular season with ninety wins for the first time in more than a decade, earning the second seed in the National League East and clinching a Wild Card berth.

Concession stands are packed during the game, but Brandon Reese, a senior at Temple University and concessions supervisor at Aramark, still finds ways to enjoy the live-action. 

“I’ve been at the ballpark for the last two seasons and it’s actually been kind of amazing since both seasons I’ve been there, we’ve gone on deep playoff runs,” Reese said. 

“Majority of the time, we get busy when the away team is batting. But when the Phillies are the ones up to bat, everyone is in their seats and I can typically find time [to watch the big moments].”

Someone has to capture the magical moments during the regular and postseason, and that’s where marketing photographer Tommy Muir comes in. 

“There’s a lot of great things about the Phillies, and one of my favorite things about being at the ballpark is capturing the fan engagement and seeing the smile on their face and capturing lifelong memories.”

In his role as marketing photographer, Muir, a senior studying advertising, snaps shots of the players and fans around the outfield, dugout, and rest of the stadium. You can check out some of his favorite pictures of the season here.

CSC security guard Joe O’Brien shared how security at the bank has been a serious issue in recent years as fans without tickets make their way into the concourse. 

“Last year when I worked the World Series, people tried to sneak through the gates and crawl under the fences in certain areas. Thankfully this year that stuff has been taken care of. Those spots are no longer viable for people to do that.”

All three employees continue to show their support to the team, and while they can’t be directly in the stands, they’re still filled with the same enjoyment as the fans. 

O’Brien added, “Granted, I’m not down on the field with a glove and bat, but I am here and I’m watching it. Cheering the team on and helping the fans cheer the team on.”

The hype is hopeful this year as Phillies fans everywhere are trying to support their team back to another World Series.

Go Phils!

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