Greenstreet Coffee Company’s New Location

Temple alum Chris Molieri has opened the second Greenstreet Coffee Company location in South Philadelphia. Thanks to Chris’ passion for coffee, the quality here seems to be a cut above the rest. People in the local community are excited about what the new café has to offer.

“As soon as we heard that Greenstreet was going to be here, we were all very, very excited,” customer Zach Smoak said.

Another customer, Justin Jefferson, says “The quality of the coffee is just better. Feels more inviting, too.”
“I think it’s a great location and because I live close by, I’m excited that they’re open,” said local Jessica Rozler.

However, owner Chris Molieri wants people to know that Greenstreet has much more to offer than just coffee.

“We have bagels, we have pastries, we have a smoked salmon sandwich, which is great. We’ve got a parfait. So, there’s, there’s a good amount of options for that as well. What I’m excited about is that it is super successful in that every day we have had more customers than the day before. And that’s one thing I look at is customer count. So, how many customers did we have today? Not necessarily how much did they spend, but that is it has increased every day,” explains Molieri.

Along with offering the surrounding community quality organic coffee options, Chris has also gotten people in the community involved in his business.

Chris explained, “Yeah, even these bags over here were designed by our local artist, Nicole Seltzer, and she does packaging designing. And a fantastic job for Greenstreet, we’ve been working together for about four years.”

The new Greenstreet Coffee Company is located at 1205 S 15th Street, just a short walk from the Ellsworth-Federal Broad Street Line station. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30am to 2pm.

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