Cleanup on North Broad: TUAA and North Broad Street Renaissance partner up for Earth Day

Written by Maximo Cespedes

The North Broad Renaissance partnered with Temple University’s Alumni Association for a cleanup and revitalization on North Broad Street. Volunteers got the chance to contribute to their community, enjoy the weather, and dust off their green thumbs for Earth Day. Volunteers planted flowers, layed down mulch, and picked up garbage in an effort to bring a little green back to Philadelphia’s most popular corridor. 

In addition to organizing volunteer efforts in different revitalization projects in Philadelphia, the North Broad Renaissance also promotes North Broad street, in an effort to attract businesses that will offer the community new and engaging experiences. Shalimar Thomas, Executive Director of the North Broad Renaissance, says that the North Broad Renaissance is not exclusively interested in services to come to Broad Street, but experiences too. 

In addition to promoting Broad Street to businesses to move into, the North Broad Renaissance also helps smaller businesses stay in the area by raising money, providing forgivable loans, and offering a multitude of services that are essential for businesses to thrive. The North Broad Renaissance also offers many different volunteer opportunities, as well as paid and unpaid internships. 
To donate, contact, or acquire more information on the North Broad Renaissance, visit

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