A Night of Music at the Orchestra Concert

The Temple University Repertory Orchestra hosted a concert to show the music they worked on during the spring semester. 

Terrence Brown had the chance to speak with Orchestra Student Alison Edwards about their efforts at the performance.

She says,“ We’ve Been Sight Reading Music All Year Long. We picked some of our favorite pieces we worked on together to bring to a concert tonight.”

In the upcoming year, the Orchestra is looking to grow more diverse on the main campus.

Terrence asked Kyle Stevens about the goals of the Repertory Orchestra and the performance.

Kyle said, “We want to promote diversity in the field because there’s a rapidly changing orchestral cannon.

During the Performance, there were QR codes on each table to raise funds for the orchestra.

In addition, they are donating to Luv Michael where they spread awareness about autism acceptance.

Orchestra Conductor Yonatan Dvir expresses his excitement for the Orchestra’s work they put in the concert.

He said, “Shoutout to the wonderful young musicians of the Temple University Repertory Orchestra that have put so many hours and effort  into getting this done.”

 Find out more about performances like this from their Instagram @tu.reporchestra

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