Clinton, Obama Draw Thousands to Independence Mall

On the eve of the election, the Democratic Party had their big sendoff right here in Philadelphia.

Nominee Hillary Clinton held a Get Out To Vote rally in one of the city’s most historic landmarks, Independence Mall.

Clinton- None of us want to wake up on Wednesday morning and wish we had done more

Hillary Clinton spent election eve with with over 30,000 people.

Joined by her family, Clinton was introduced by President Obama, who fired up the crowd for the secretary of state.

“I am asking you to work as hard as you can this one last day to elect this fighter, this stateswomen, this mother, this grandmother, this patriot,” said President Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama also took the stage to praise clinton for being inclusive.

“We deserve a leader that sees our diversity not as a threat, but as a blessing”

Clinton made sure that thousands of people gathered here at Independence Mall knew knew one thing- that their vote mattered in which direction the country was headed.

“Every issue you care about is at stake”

The Obamas echoed the same.

“Tomorrow with a vote, you can stand up to those who seek to divide us and make us afraid,” said the First Lady.

“The choice you make when when you step into that voting booth could not be more clear and could not be more serious,” the President added.

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