Philadelphia Voters Flock to the Polls

Philadelphia voters flocked to the polls today with historic vigor.

Poll worker Leia Jackson, who started working at the Old First Reformed Church located on Fourth and Race street at 6:30 this morning said, “It’s been fantastic, people were wrapped around Cherry street and back down the other street. We were just swamped, but it was wonderful!”

The long line, however, did not stop Philadelphia native Ed Andrews, “So many of our neighbors were saying, “there’s a long line, long line!” which you think, oh great long line but that’s a good thing! People are getting involved. I don’t care which way you’re voting, you’re voting!”.

Andrews also made sure that he brought his daughter Talula, and implores other parents to take their children to the polls as well.

“I take her in the booth so she understands. I mean this year has been pretty important since there was a female on the ballot and for her to look back and maybe be part of or remembering part of what might be history. We won’t know by tomorrow, but it was pretty special,” Andrews said.

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney was also one of the voters who showed up at the church to cast his vote.  Kenney cast his vote around 10:45 this morning and says that with half a million votes, he is confident that Philadelphia will have a big impact on the election: “Philadelphia has always been a leader in the Southeast region in winning the state of Pennsylvania, so we are looking forward to make history by electing the first woman president and continuing Barak Obama’s legacy.”

The impressive voter turnout at the church has given those workers a great sense of optimism.

Leia Jackson exclaimed, “I am feeling very confident with the turnout that no matter the outcome you will know where the people, not only of Philadelphia, or Pennsylvania, but where the nation stands. If the turnout is as good everywhere else as it has been here, this will be awesome! We will know!”

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