Clothesline Project Dresses Up Founder’s Circle

Founder’s Circle received a pop of color this afternoon as The Clothesline Project set up a unique immersive art experience.  The event raised awareness to break the silence about violence against women.

Temple students volunteering at the event presented it conjunction with the peer educators at the Wellness Resource Center.

Students from across campus joined the active art project by expressing their emotions by decorating t-shirts.

Once dry, the shirts decorated the area as a visual display of the pain of victims of sexual violence.

Each color represents something different.  White is in honor of a person who died as a result of violence, yellow/beige represents people have been assaulted, red/pink/orange symbolizes survivors of rape and sexual abuse, purple honors people attacked because of gender or sexual orientation, brown represents people attacked as a result of politics, and black symbolizes men who support ending violence against women.

The Clothesline Project started in 1990 and has since become a national movement to increase awareness of sexual violence, celebrates the strength of survivors, and gives survivors a way to speak out about what they experienced.

Read more about The Clothesline Project here.


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