Clothing Swap at Rad Dish Cafe

Students gathered at the Rad Dish Cafe inside Ritter Hall as part of RecycleMania, a two month long competition to see which school can recycle the most.

Members of the Rad Dish Cafe Co-Op partnered with the Queer Students Union to put together the Clothing Swap. Students brought their own gently used clothing and swapped them for  the wardrobes of other students.

The event took place to shed light on the importance of recycling clothing. Claire Pope, the Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator at Rad Dish Cafe, informed Update that 99% of all clothing and textiles are recyclable, yet, the majority end up in landfills each year.

Although the event does not count towards the results of RecycleMania, Claire says:

It does help with the awareness as far as getting people to realize, ‘Oh instead of throwing out my clothes, even if I think they’re not reusable, I can recycle them.’ They could be made into car upholstery or something.

The leftover clothes of the event were not abandoned. Any remaining clothing was packed and donated to Philly AIDS Thrift, a non-profit that benefits individuals who are affected by HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia.

Kennedy Freeman, a freshman who brought pieces of her own wardrobe to the event, is an active supporter of Philly AIDS Thrift.

I think it’s a good idea to support AIDS research and donate to people who can’t afford to get clothing any other way.

At the end of the event, the students were able to send ten boxes and four trash bags full of clothing donations to Philly AIDS Thrift.


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