Theobald, Temple Community React To State Budget Passing

PHILADELPHIA — Temple will be allotted nearly $175 million when the state budget becomes law on Sunday, after 8 months of making due without the funds and taking out loans to compensate.

“It is extremely difficult to plan longterm. If you’re doing things in the middle of the year just to get to the end of the year, you’re likely to do things you’re going to regret” President Theobald told Temple Update in an exclusive interview regarding the budget passing.

The University had been considering major cuts if the funding hadn’t come, which could have included a substantial tuition increase for students and laying off staff and faculty.

“You would be looking at a combination of personnel and tuition increases (without state funding), none of which will occur now” said Theobald. 

This doesn’t mean that tuition will freeze; President Theobald said he still anticipates a hike that mirrors the 2.6% increases that have occurred over the past few years. That increase, however, amounts to a figure that pales in comparison to the $5,000 in state students are allotted from the state.

Since Temple lobbyists went to Harrisburg to fight for funding in the beginning of March, over 5,000 students, faculty and staff have written to lawmakers, asking for a budget.

“I called my representatives back home and two of the three voted for the Temple budget,” said sophomore Noah Gottlieb.

While the students we spoke with said they are glad that the state has a budget, they’re still not satisfied with lawmakers.

“We shouldn’t celebrate the fact that you did your job” said senior Tykee James.

“Think about is your kids were in college and how desperate this is for everyone and each person is trying to make ends meet” said sophomore Jackie George.

According to President Theobald, this is just the start. The next state budget is due on June 30th, and Temple is asking for an 8% increase in funding for fiscal year 2016-2017.

“We’ve got 3 and a half months to do next year’s budget. That starts right away” said Theobald.

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