Colleges Weigh Changing Mask Mandates

Following the announcement that Philadelphia would be dropping its mask mandate last Wednesday, college students in the city have been left wondering whether or not they would need to continue to mask up on campus in the future.

The new mask guidelines still require that masks be worn in certain settings such as healthcare facilities and on public transit, but universities now have full authority over whether they will continue to require masks indoors.

Temple University, as well as other local universities such as Drexel and University of Pennsylvania, currently still have their mask mandates in place.

Students from various Philadelphia universities gave their varying opinions on the revised mask guidelines.

Temple student John Gorecki spoke about Temple’s decision to uphold the mask mandate:

“I think it was a really smart move by Temple to hold onto the mask mandate for about two weeks after spring break because everyone’s been moving around.”

Drexel student Sara Beinish also stood by her school’s decision to maintain mask guidelines:

“I do think we should definitely still be wearing masks in classes with the amount of students going out.”

Meanwhile, La Salle University has already taken advantage of the revised city guidelines and lifted its mask mandate on Monday.

La Salle student Brandon Turk expressed excitement about La Salle’s decision to drop its mask mandate.

“I’m kind of excited to see the mask go away. I get to see my friend’s faces again, I don’t have to always worry about whether I have a mask.”

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