Commuter Students Get a New Hangout

Temple University students will soon have a new spot to hang inside while waiting for their train, bus, or even just to relax in between classes. A new student lounge will be going in on the corner of Berks and Warnock streets along with a Sage Café location.

The lounge will offer a gaming center, a TV center, amphitheater style seating, airport style lockers to secure your belongings and a kitchenette for a quick snack.

After last years first half day during the brutal snow storm, James Creedon, senior vice president of construction, facilities and operations, wanted to make sure this year was better.

“I remember being up there with them for about three hours waiting for my train, I think it would be great if we had somewhere nearby, just to stay warm, but then we couldn’t communicate when the trains were coming,” said Creedon.

While the space would not be able to hold that many students all at once, it should be more then enough for the normal turnover of students waiting to catch their train.

The lounge will also have a real time train schedule by the front door, helping students judge when they should head to the train platform. The café next door will offer breakfast, lunch and possibly even dinner for students. The joint patio in front of the building will offer furniture to relax outside during those nicer days.

The new lounge which will cost about $275,000 to build, is on track to be finished by the beginning of the spring semester.


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