Cosby Moved to General Detention

Bill Cosby, the former comedian and Temple grad was moved to general detention in his prison in Phoenix this week.

Formerly in a special containment facility for sexually violent criminals and high-profile prisoners, Cosby has since been moved to a double prisoner cell with a cellmate.

Speaking in an interview with NBC 10, Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt stated that Cosby said prison was an “amazing experience”.

Wyatt also reiterated that Cosby was the victim of a biased trial and cited a “low-life District Attorney” as the reason for Cosby’s conviction.

Cosby was convicted last April on three counts of sexual assault and is currently serving 3-10 years in prison and is ineligible for release before 2021.

Cosby was a former Temple board member and was also awarded an honorary degree by the university.

Cosby’s merits from Temple were later rescinded following allegations of assault emerging, including accusations from former Temple employee Andrea Constand.



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