A London Education

It’s goodbye to Broad Street and hello to Cromwell Road for Temple students studying abroad in London. Foundation for International Education, FIE, is where some Temple students are spending their semester.

In South Kensington, London, Victorian-era architecture and double-decker buses line the streets. But, a new learning environment also comes with a new learning style. Junior Simon Schmitt-Hall has been adjusting to his new life in London. From riding the bus to longer class times, he has noticed some differences. “So it seems that like classes back home have always been a little more discussion based whereas this is more lecture-heavy. I definitely prefer discussion, just interacting with students more I think is a better thing.”

FIE professor Sarah Foster

Some classes are taught by FIE faculty like Sarah Foster. She has received an education in both the United States and England. She has been calling London her home for over a decade and aims to combine the different teaching styles. “We tend to keep a little bit of an American style, but we also, of course, have within that British styles and also European styles of teaching.”

Much like American students, British students transfer schools too. Michael Ogunjimi, a recent transfer to Imperial College has been enjoying his semester. “At least compared to my last uni I think there’s a more diverse of a population here because we have engineering and medicine. There’s so many societies and sports you can join here.”

For those who spend their entire time at a university in London, there are more prominent differences. “Here there’s no general education classes in Britain, whereas typically in the states that’s usually built into a four-year university degree.”

While Owls are getting a new education experience in London, Philadelphia is always just a phone call away.



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