North Jersey Town Deals with Shutdown

As the Coronavirus spreads rapidly across the nation, New Jersey now ranks third for total coronavirus cases. Counties across the state have taken extreme measures to prevent the spread of the virus, Monmouth County being one of them.

Monmouth County has been on lockdown since Monday, March 16 at 8 p.m. All non-essential businesses, such as retail stores, gyms, restaurants, and bars, have been ordered to close.

Downtown Keyport is well-known for its attractions. Lined with restaurants, salons, pubs, and a beautiful waterfront, Mayor Collette Kennedy worries how this virus will affect local businesses.

“It’s heart-wrenching to see what the businesses and all these employees are going through,” Collette said. “Keyport rebounded after the financial crisis and [Hurricane] Sandy. The way we were able to successfully rebound was by choosing things that wouldn’t be impacted by popular things on the Internet.” the mayor said.

The stay at home order by Governor Phil Murphy orders people to stay home and practice social distancing. He encourages people to only leave their home for absolute emergencies and pleads with New Jerseyans to comply to help flatten the curve.

People who do leave their homes continue to social distance, as enforced by grocery stores and other essential businesses that remain open. New Jersey has kept liquor stores open as essential business, but they have taken extra precautionary measures to reduce human contact. People are no longer permitted to enter the building; a worker comes to the entrance and people give their orders. The worker then gets their items and the customer pays through the door. Customers may also order ahead for convenience.

As this continues, all we as humans can do is our part. Consider others and don’t be greedy at grocery stores. Support local businesses. Most restaurants are doing take-out and delivery. By ordering in, these businesses can remain open after this pandemic. And lastly, stay home.

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