Social Distancing: From Philly to Connecticut

President Trump has extended social distancing guidelines through April 30. So, I left campus to be home with my family in Connecticut.

Life in my town, Trumbull, has been more quiet than usual. The normally busy Madison Avenue, where I live, is silent. As far as social distancing, I’m happy to spend extra time with my family. We’re all currently adjusting to this new lifestyle, and for my parents this is certainly a change. My dad runs his own business, Video Security Source, and has concerns about spending too much time outside.

He says, “It’s very hard when you’re used to running around from place to place, going from business to business, house to house, and you can’t. Because you don’t know what people in there…what they touched or what they had came in contact with, that it may affect you or you may bring it home to your family.”

My mom has been able to easily make the switch to working remotely, but she realizes how much she misses the office and interacting with people.

One thing my mom and I have been doing while being home is getting plenty of exercise. We spent one 70 seventy degree afternoon outside, practicing our tennis skills and enjoying the fresh air.

We’ve also been watching a lot of movies. But, I don’t mind it because I enjoy spending time with my family.

While no-one really knows when this will end, all we can do is stay inside and be with loved ones. 

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