COVID-19 Vaccination Deadline Approaches

The deadline for Temple students and staff to be fully vaccinated is Monday, November 15. Anyone who is partially or unvaccinated will not be permitted to use Temple facilities, according to university officials.

Everyone has had an extended amount of time to be vaccinated, due to the deadline being pushed from October 15 to November 15.

Stephen Orbaneck, Temple’s Associate Director of Issues Management, said in a statement that the extension allowed the Temple community more time to get vaccinated. He expects those numbers to increase come Monday.

As of now, around 96% of students are fully vaccinated. This leaves only 261 students partially vaccinated as of Friday, while 888 students have signed a religious or medical waiver.

“The idea is that we’re in close contact, especially with dorms and things, and the idea is that we’re trying to protect ourselves and those around us,” Temple nursing student, Katelyn Sullenberger, said.

This is why the Director of Student Health Services, Mark Denys, said in a statement to Temple Update that come Monday, anyone without both doses of the COVID vaccine or an approved exemption will be withdrawn from classes.

The current infection rate at Temple stands at .7 %, compared to 2.3% in August.

In order to keep that number going down and for the chance at a more normal future, the university will keep those who are unvaccinated out of the classroom.

“I’d be comfortable not wearing a mask in class, but I think that is up to someone who has thought about it alot more than me,” said Daniel Galarraga, a junior.

For now, the university expects to remain compliant with city guidelines.

“Ultimately, I will just go with whatever the city puts out,” Galarrage said.

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