COVID’s Impact on Temple Housing

Among all the things COVID has impacted, campus housing is one of them. 

Johnson and Hardwick Hall has seen some drastic changes over the course of the pandemic. Johnson Hall was repurposed last year into quarantine and isolation housing. Housing in Hardwick hall was transformed from traditional double style to single rooms for this school year. Both buildings normally hold up to 1,000 students, now they hold only 250. 

4,300 students moved into on campus housing this year, in comparison to the 5,000 average from previous years, according to Interim Director of Housing Operations Sean P. Killion.

This housing shortage has impacted students, especially freshman Genieva Zick. Despite applying to Temple later in the year, she was under the impression she would be in on campus housing. “Well I was a little ‘what the heck’ when I got the email saying that there isn’t any on campus housing because I was like ‘how do you just run out of on campus housing’?” said Zick. 

She did say, however, that the process of finding off campus housing was very easy. 

There are more options for off-campus housing than you may think. You can go through an apartment complex like Kardon Atlantic, or smaller operations like Temple Villas, Off Campus Philly, or even Facebook Marketplace.

University Housing and Residential Life also has resources available to students looking to move off campus in the future. 

After winter break, Temple’s housing details will be available to students.As of right now, Temple is hoping to go back to full capacity next year, as more space will also be provided.

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