Crews Continue Anderson and Gladfelter Renovation Work

Renovations that started in the summer of 2019 at Anderson and Gladfelter Hall continue this semester. The university hopes to refresh the buildings and bring a new look to the east side of campus.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the project back a total of six weeks but construction workers were will able to complete a huge portion of the work despite this.

“We were still able to get the lobby and portion of Polett walk from 12th street into the lobby substantially complete by the time fall semester started,” said construction project manager Julie Wiley.

Wiley told Temple Update temperature checks and extra cleaning around the site are conducted as safety precautions for the construction workers health.

Construction is still on track for completion for the Fall of 2020 however graduating seniors don’t think they’ll get to see it.

“I’m a bit disappointed again that I won’t be able to reap the benefits of going to class there, walking through it, and having a lively environment with a lot of students,” said senior Evan Murphy.

Wiley tells us this project is truly special and Polett Walk walk will hopefully be opened by early to mid-November.

The new renovation is set to include a new 50,000+ square foot terrace between the buildings to add more space for students to study and even hang out. A new entrance into Anderson Hall will also be added to make it easier for students to get to their classes and advising.

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