Sightseeing in the Capitol


If you find yourself in the Washington DC area, the two sights you can’t miss are the DC National Zoo and Georgetown Cupcake.

The zoo has close to 400 different species of animals and over 2000 individual animals, among those you can find apes, zebras, elephants and pandas.

Panda’s can be found in very few zoos around the United States, making them a prime attraction. The zoo is about 150 acres, with free admission.

After visiting the now-Halloween themed zoo, you can visit Georgetown Cupcake for some sweets.

While the bakery is known for long lines, most face the wait for the famed cupcakes. Flavors range from fall favorite pumpkin spice to vanilla, chocolate or red velvet.

While the Capitol has much to offer, stops at Georgetown Cupcake & the National Zoo are a must.

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