Demolition Making Way For Pocket Park

(Dan Ray reporting)

North Broad is generating some noise and will soon be generating some green as well.

Once all the apartments on Broad and Norris are knocked down, construction crews will work on building a pocket park in its place. The new green space will feature park benches and lighting fixtures for the surrounding community to enjoy.

Students can expect more construction projects like this to begin over the summer. Barton Hall is slated for demolition this year and a new library is expected to take its place.

The Philly community can also anticipate an athletic field to be laid out in place of the William Penn High School.

The heart of campus is undergoing a facelift this summer, soon to be decked out in new landscaping, an all new drainage system and lights as well.

New construction on Liacouras Walk is set to begin on May 11th, the Friday after graduation.

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