Update Gets Answers: Why No TUalert for Park Ave. Shooting


Many students were left wondering why they did not get a TU alert sent out when a shooting took place outside of a student related party early Friday morning.

The shooting took place on the 2000 block of Park Ave, which is a street where many students reside. Neither the victim nor the suspects were Temple students.

Days later, the Temple community received a TU alert reporting an incident that took place on the 2200 block on 12th street just two blocks away from the incident that took place on Friday.

First thought was maybe the 12th street incident was in the patrol zone, and maybe the un-reported one was not. Turns out neither of the police took place within the police border patrol zones, leaving students to wonder why they received an alert for one incident but not another.

“TU Alerts are only sent out when there is an immediate threat to students,” Executive Director of Campus Safety Services Charles Leone said. “TU Alerts are not meant to be news updates, but rather advisories to students traveling near areas of activity.”

In the case of the Park St shooting, the suspects were apprehended on site, not creating a threat to students. On the other hand, the 12th St shooting suspects were on the loose, in a silver Nissan altima, according to the TU alert issued. This created a threat to students near the area on campus.

For more information on TU Alerts and campus security efforts, visit Temple’s Campus Safety Services website: https://www.temple.edu/safety/

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