DNC Chairman Tom Perez Visits Temple

The “New Democratic Party” has been reorganizing as the midterm elections approach in fifteen days.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez says the party has been reorganizing by “not taking zip codes for granted” and focusing on getting the minority vote out. He spoke today in the Walk Auditorium of Ritter Hall through an event organized by Temple Political Science Students and the Department of Political Science.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

“The reason I’m a Dem is that the Democratic Party has always been a party of opportunity,” said Perez. He went on to say that this election was the most important election the party has faced thus far.

Come November 6, Perez told students in attendance that healthcare, immigrant rights, women’s reproductive rights, and minority rights are on the ballot.

The importance of a strong voter turnout has also been on the Democrats’ radar, said Perez. The party has been working to increase minority voter turnout all across the country, from African Americans in Alabama to Latinos in Reading, Pennsylvania. Perez also expressed the importance of the millennial vote, saying the group is one of the largest voter blocs in the country.

The overall mission for the party, says Perez, is to build and maintain “authentic, meaningful relationships” with voters.

Prior to the event, students in attendance could submit questions for the Chairman to answer. Perez also took questions from the panel of speakers at the event.

The panel included; Vice-President of the Temple Young Democratic Socialists of America Austin Binns, Temple College Republicans Chairman Christopher Smith, Temple University Community Collaborative Member Makiyah Adams, Digital Democracy Fellow at the Committee of Seventy Adrienne Hines, PA State College Democrats President Jordan Laslett and Political Science Professor Dr. David Nickerson.

Also in attendance at the event was former Philadelphia Mayor John Street, Pennsylvania State Senator Shariff Street and Democratic Nominee for State Representative of the 181st District of Pennsylvania Malcolm Kenyatta.

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