Temple Coffee Shop in Hot Water Over New Sign

Common Grounds Coffee on 16th and Cecil B Moore has been in the spotlight recently following their installment of a sign allegedly promoting prescription drug abuse.

The newly opened shop serves drinks to students in and around the Cecil B. Moore area but also hosts a sign stating “Up all night on Adderall.”

The sign in Common Ground’s coffee shop, Via Commongroundsphilly on Instagram

While the sign had been commented on by students before, the owners of Common Grounds have previously avoided providing an explanation for the sign’s presence.

Common Grounds later took to social media, however, stating that “From our playlist to our walls this is who we are, we are for these students, the community, and the strong following that ‘get it'”

Despite the statements by the owners, many students still feel that the sign trivializes the use of Adderall and promotes addictive tendencies, with many taking to social media to express their concerns.

Common Ground opened in September of this year and is co-owned by Temple graduate Shawn Bullard.

The store does not have a website but instead promotes their content through Instagram, where the sign is often featured in or around the images.





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