Don Lemon Visits Temple University

Temple University got a visit from Don Lemon this week. Lemon is an anchor and journalist, who’s worked with CNN since 2006.

The conversation was moderated by Temple professor, Aaron Smith, so Lemon was able to talk to the audience about his life from growing up to hardships, to where he is now. “But I didn’t know how awesome that journey was,” Lemon when talking about how to appreciate the all the moments throughout the years.

The event was hosted by Temple’s Main Campus Program Board for students and faculty, “it doesn’t matter whether your race, your sexuality, your ethnicity, that Don Lemon can be an inspiration that anyone can make it up there.” Alex Wallace, who’s a part of the MCPB team, said about what she wanted students to take away from this event.

Throughout the talk, guests also got to learn about how Lemon was able to stay true to himself while writing and publishing his book, “When I came to New York I realized like, “Hey I can be me” and so it got to that point and I just wrote about it in the book about coming out.”

Kayla Morris, a guest at the conversion said, “He kept saying, “be curious, not judgmental” and I think that’s a great thing about communication that I’ve learned, especially being on such a diverse campus.”

If you want to learn more about events hosted by Main Campus Program Board you check out their Instagram at @TempleMCPB

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