Biden Visits Philly to Boost Dems

With midterm elections quickly approaching, President Joe Biden spent Thursday in Pennsylvania to support the efforts of Democratic candidates. 

President Biden was scheduled to host a fundraiser to raise money for Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman Thursday night. The White House did not disclose the location and time of the event.

The ongoing race between Senate candidates John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz has tightened. Both candidates have campaigned in Philadelphia suburbs this past week as they enter the final stages before Election Day.

Oz spoke in Malvern Saturday with his volunteers and discussed crime and the economy. Fetterman held an event in Delaware County the same day, speaking on his opponent, and addressing speculations on his health since having a stroke in May.

President Biden spoke in Pittsburgh Thursday about infrastructure before heading to Philadelphia. He was scheduled to appear at a reception in support of the Fetterman Victory Fund Thursday evening. 

Cameras will not be allowed in the event; however, print reporters will be given access.

Temple University Political Science professor Michael Sances says, “Biden knows his fortunes in Congress really depend on what happens here in Pennsylvania, so he’s coming for his own benefit, but also to help the candidates here do better.”

Fetterman and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro are set to return to Philadelphia with Biden on October 28th for the 3rd Annual Independence Dinner at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Shapiro has also made recent appearances in the Philadelphia area. He toured a discount grocery store in North Philadelphia Wednesday to discuss economic expansion for Black Pennsylvanians.

Students on Temple’s campus feel that his upcoming election is crucial. Sophomore Kiwi Tzic says policies could be at risk.

“I do know that there’s more at stake, especially abortion laws, and women’s rights. Just a lot of rights are up in the air.”

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