Easy Halloween Dorm Decorations

With Halloween just days away, some might say the best part of this fun holiday are the decorations: pumpkins, witches, ghosts, and orange lights are among the fan favorites. Getting in the holiday spirit can be a tad difficult when living in a dorm room, but these simple Halloween decorations can make anyone feel ready for Halloween.

The easiest way to show that Halloween spirit, is by decorating the door. There are multitude of ways to make the door look festive- for a more spooky look, get orange and white lights to hang up, put fun tinsel around the frame, and top everything off with taping holiday themed “Caution” tape on the door. img_1326

For a more fall theme, stickers are a must; they are so incredibly easy to find and acceptable in residence
halls. Alsimg_1327o, they make everything look better. Along with stickers, finding something related to Halloween to hang up on
the door is a good idea, as well. Command hooks do the job when needing something to hang this decoration with.

Along with door decorations, there are also swift and doable decoration ideas for the room. Lights are always a good idea, and stores sell special Halloween lights that will make any room scream Happy Halloween. Also, buying small faux pumpkins tie the room together for a nice look.

Halloween brings out the “interior designer” in everyone, and even college students can take part in the craftiest and spookiest time of year. Happy Halloween!

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