Tyler School of Art hosts Halloween Mask-Making Event

Today, the Tyler School of Art held it’s annual mask-making event. The event is held every year in the spirit of Halloween and is also promoted as one of the family weekend activities. Parents, students, and siblings were all welcomed to participate and design their own masks with glitter, feathers, markers, and gems. In addition, there was face-painting, temporary tattoos, and of course, candy bowls all to be enjoyed. Below, check out photos from the event and learn the mask-making process.

First-year student Emily McMillan paints her mask with detail
People design their creations at the artists' table
People design their creations at the artists’ table









The DIY Halloween Mask How-to:


Step 1: Choose your mask

There were many options of masks to chose from ones with outline and pre-drawn faces to colorful masks to cover the eyes.


Step 2: Choose your accessories

In this case, this mask was made to have goodies glued to it. By setting up the feathers and gems near it one could better design their mask.


Step 3: Glue it

Hot-glue guns provided an excellent adhesive that will help the mask last through Halloween. Just don’t get burned!


Step 4: Wear it!

Pretty self explanatory.



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