Election Night: City Council Results In

Update at 12:25am on November 6:

Working Families candidate Kendra Brooks ushers in a stunning victory, winning one of two At-Large minority seats available on Philadelphia’s City Council. The victory marks the first time one of these reserved minority seats has gone to a non-major party in decades.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, incumbent Democrats Helen Gym, Derek Green and Allan Domb will keep their At-Large seats and welcome newcomers Isaiah Thomas and Katherine Gilmore Richardson. The final minority At-Large seat will go to incumbent Republican David Oh.

Updated at 8:45pm on November 5:

While the Philadelphia Mayoral race is taking the spotlight in the city, another major piece of Philadelphia’s 2019 Election focuses on Philadelphia City Council.

In May, 30 candidates were running for a council position. Six months later, the list has been slimmed down to nearly a third of that count.

City Council is split into District candidates and At-Large candidates. All of Philadelphia can vote for the At-Large candidates while district candidates are voted on by their district’s own constituents.

Voters are allowed to cast five votes for at-large candidates, and two seats are reserved for a minority party. These seats tend to go to Republican candidates, however the Working Families Party is hoping to take these seats for the independents.

Five incumbents are running for the At-Large seats, among the Democrats are Allan Domb, Helen Gym, Derek Green and the Republicans are David Oh and Alan Taubenberger.

Uncontested seats in the District races are Jamie Gauthier of District 3, Darrell L. Clarke of District 5, Maria Quiñones-Sanches of District 7, and Cherelle Parker of District 9.

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