Election Night: Mayor Kenney Wins

Incumbent Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney has been declared the 99th Mayor of Philadelphia just after 10pm.

In his acceptance speech, he recalled his initial bid for Mayor in 2015, a campaign he said wanted to do something radical, prove that “Every neighborhood and every child matters.” He said he’s proud to be the education mayor.

Kenney won 84% of the vote, with 86,250 votes by 10:30pm, over the 16,246 of Republican Ciancaglini.

Philadelphia has had a Democratic mayor since 1952, but Republican Billy Ciancaglini hopes to oust Mayor Jim Kenney to become the 100th Mayor.

Jim Kenney is currently the Mayor of Philadelphia. He has worked with the City Council to improve pre-k education and create community schools. He has also has invested in parks, recreational centers, and libraries. Kenney claims that these changes were possible because of the beverage tax, more commonly scolded as the soda tax.

Kenney aims to improve: education in Philly schools, economic opportunities for Philadelphians, and public safety. He also wishes to create a more diverse workforce that’s parallel to the city’s demographics.

You can find Temple Update’s coverage of the effects of the soda tax in its earliest years here. Temple University even had a plan to raise its meal plan prices shortly after its implementation but halted plans due to student concerns and city pressure.

Philadelphia Mayor Kenney tweeted a reminder about polls closing to voters.

William J. Ciancaglini, otherwise known as Billy Ciancaglini, was born and raised in Philadelphia. He also attended Temple University for law school. He was inspired to become politically active in his community because of crime rates in the city, high taxes, poor school funding, and the drug epidemic.

Ciancaglini promises to lessen taxes, stop excess government spending, and take on drug and crime issues in the city. He also wishes to bring more jobs to the city. He does not support Kenney’s soda tax, Philadelphia as a sanctuary city, safe injection sites, and property taxes.

Billy Ciancaglini encouraged his voters via his Facebook to visit the polls and thanks all those who have helped him today.




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