End of Season Loss for Men’s Soccer Team


For the last game of the season, the Men’s Soccer team continued it’s struggle against inter-conference competition by losing to SMU 2-0. During the game, Temple and SMU were both able to fire off a similar amount of shots on goal, five and four respectively, but SMU was able to defend all the shots taken, while Temple allowed half of them to go in.

Temple ended up with a 10-6-2 record, good enough to play in the American Athletic Conference tournament, but winded up going 2-6 within conference competition. They had a historic start to the season by starting off 7-0-1, and key players Jorge Gomez-Sanchez and Alex Cagle were recognized for their efforts.

It was a season that was better than most, but Temple just couldn’t get over the hump of competition within the conference. Aside from the fact that we went 2-6 to schools within our conference, though, nobody outside of it was able to defeat us. If we didn’t specifically have to play schools within our conference for the tournament, we would be in great position. We do, though, and hopefully we will turn it around in when it matters most. Good luck to the Men’s Soccer team for their tournament matchups!

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